Anyone with the dream to fly and soar in the sky. One should be within a weight range of 35 to 100 Kg. Any one including children and old people, just that they should be able to walk and run a few steps. Infact the flying and takeoff procidure is done by the pilot, the participant just needs to follow the pilots instruction. Participants can just relax, enjoy the view and take videos and pictures.
The takeoff point is in Astanmarg, Harwan area in Srinagar located on the Zabrwan mountains.It is a 10 to 15 min drive from Shalimar Gardens. And You have to reach Harwan Bridge which is just adjecent to the Famous Harwan Garden. This is the meeting point where our manager meets you with a Scorpio 4WD vehicle this vehicle will take you to the takeoff point which is further further 6 Km up the mountain. This transportation is complimentary and included in your ticket. The final 400 mts has to be walked as the road to the takeoff point is under construction.
Yes paragliding acticity is a family activity. All can do it including your child and the mother provided they are within the weight range of 35 Kg to 100 Kg. If the weight of the child is below 35 Kg we can adjust 5 -7 Kg using ballast bags anything lower is not possible , also very small children cannot fit the flight harness and would pose a flight risk. Also holding children in flight by parents or guardians is not possible and is a flight risk and not allowed under any circumstances. For clients above 100 Kg the flight is not possible.
For Rs 2700 Ticket:
(1) Flight Pass From Astanmarg to Chandpora Landing Zone.
(2) Transportation from Harwan Bridge to Astanmarg Parking on a 4WD.
(3) One 1/2 liter Mineral water.
(4) One wet tissue kit.
For Rs 3700 Ticket:
(1) All of the above.
(2) HD Air Footage Video from takeoff to landing shot on a Garmin professional video camera given on an 8 GB Card.
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Yes, please use the "Block my Flight " Tab on the website and call our manager in our mobile numbers :+91-9999-552-262. However Please note that this booking is just arbitary that is if there is a confirmed booking ticket , preference will be given to the one with confirmed ticket.
If the weather turns out bad or things beyond the control of normal circumstances, there will be a 100% refund. However in case of delay to reach on time at a given flight slot. The next in waiting would be given the preference. In case of expected delay to reach on time just call our manager on +91-9999-552-262 to adjust acordingly.